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How tight should the dog collar be?

Here we give tips on how to choose the right size of dog collar from Don Lorino's wide range. It guides how the necklace should fit - not too loose...

At Don Lorino, we know how important it is that the dog collar fits properly - neither too loose nor too tight. A collar that is too loose can cause your dog to come loose during the walk, while a collar that is too tight risks chafing and restricting freedom of movement. We want you and your four-legged friend to be able to enjoy your walks to the maximum.

Don Lorino offers a wide range of necklaces in different sizes, materials and models. Here are our tips for getting the right size:

  • The rule of thumb is that you should be able to insert two fingers between the collar and the dog's neck. This provides an adequate fit that is comfortable but not too loose. Feel free to measure the circumference of the dog's neck with a soft measuring tape.
  • Our flexible quick-release collars are perfect as they can be easily adjusted to your dog's growing or shrinking neck circumference over time. Coat changes, weight change or time between grooming can all affect neck circumference.
  • Check regularly that the collar is not too tight or too loose and adjust if necessary. For some dogs, there can be some difference between the summer coat and the thicker winter coat. About two fingers should fit under the necklace.

If you feel unsure about which size to choose, don't hesitate to contact our customer service! We will be happy to help you find the right size based on your dog's breed and neck circumference. At Don Lorino, you are guaranteed to find a collar that fits your dog perfectly.

So let us help you find the right dog collar, for a nice walk where both you and your dog enjoy.

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