About Don Lorino

Don Lorino was founded in 2016 by Alexandra, a passionate dog and horse lover based in Stockholm. The inspiration to start the company came from her own beloved dogs - a lively and playful Shiba Inu and two lovely Rhodesian Ridgebacks. It was while shopping for quality products for her four-legged friends that she realized how difficult it was to find genuinely durable and affordable premium quality dog ​​accessories.

With the vision to meet this need, she started Don Lorino - an e-commerce store specializing in stylish and at the same time easy-to-use dog products. The range includes everything a modern dog owner could possibly need, from robust and durable collars and harnesses to cozy beds, practical ID tags, stately food bowls and many other smart accessories for the active and adventurous dog.

A cornerstone of Don Lorino's business philosophy is that all goods are first evaluated and approved by Alexandra's own discerning trio of dogs before being launched for sale. Only products that meet their high demands for comfort, safety and durability are given a place in the store's assortment. In this way, customers can trust that they are offered only premium goods that Alexandra herself, in good conscience, would choose for her beloved four-legged family members.

At Don Lorino, a close-knit group of dog lovers work to offer a personal experience. The customer service is staffed by experienced dog owners who are passionate about giving advice and guiding you to the right dog accessories - whether you are looking for a durable ID tag, a cozy bed or a trendy and stylish collar for your best friend. With their extensive knowledge of dogs and their passion for the industry, they ensure that you receive service and a smile on your face.

So welcome to explore Don Lorino's range! Here you are guaranteed to find everything you and your furry companion could wish for to enhance your adventures together.