Choosing the right dog equipment for the puppy

When the little puppy comes home, it is of course important to get the right equipment from the start. A good dog collar and harness are among the first things the puppy needs. But how do you choose the right size and model?

Comfort and safety in focus

For the little puppy, comfort and safety are the most important criteria. The collar or harness should fit but not rub or pinch. Small puppies grow fast, so adjustable sizes are good. Soft, breathable materials are also preferred.

Don Lorino's Petit series

A range that is especially adapted for puppies and small dogs is Don Lorino's Petit. These dog collars and harnesses have flexible size ranges and metal quick-release buckles for easy on and off. The materials are durable, yet soft and pleasant to the dog's fur and skin.

Space for growth

Remember that the puppy grows quickly in the first months. Therefore, please leave some room for growth when choosing a size. Better that the harness/collar is slightly loose from the start than having to change it up too often.

Finally, make sure the puppy gets used to the equipment in a calm environment before you go on an adventure. With the right products from the start, the puppy's first walks will be a safe and comfortable experience!