Wide range of name tags. Free engraving and free home delivery

At Don Lorino, we use a unique engraving technology that provides an extremely deep and durable engraving on our name tags. The engraved letters and numbers are crystal clear and easy to read, without frills or hard-to-read fonts. Many customers testify that the engraving on our trays lasts significantly longer than those of competitors, while being easy to read.

What name tag options does Don Lorino offer?

Don Lorino has a wide range of name tags in varying materials, sizes and designs. You can choose from classic metal trays, brass or titanium trays, or even trays adorned with genuine Swarovski crystals.

A traditional name tag is made of stainless steel and can be engraved with the dog's name, your phone number and address. These trays are light, durable and weatherproof, so the dog can wear them around the clock without risk of damage or abrasion.

At Don Lorino, you can choose between different colors, shapes and sizes, and all tiles can be engraved with any text. Regardless of which option you prefer, your name tag will be a unique and personal accessory.

How do I choose the right name tag?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a name tag. In addition to style and material, you should think about how the tray will sit on your dog, so that it is not too heavy or bulky.

Also think about what you want engraved. A classic solution is the dog's name and your phone number, but you can also add an address or a short personal greeting. Write clearly and easily, so that whoever finds your dog can easily contact you.

Also consider how much text you want engraved, to avoid a messy and hard to read tile. A short and concise text is often preferable.

The choice of material is also important. Steel trays are light, durable and weather resistant, but may be too heavy for smaller dogs. Plastic trays are lighter but not as durable as metal. Choose material according to your dog's needs.

If you are unsure which option suits your dog best, please contact Don Lorino's customer service. There are experienced dog experts who can guide you to the optimal name tag.

Order engraved name tag online from Don Lorino Our stainless steel tags are engraved to order in Switzerland and sent from there directly to your mailbox with Postnord.

The engraving quality is top class. The engraving is deeper and sharper than the competition, making it last year after year after year...

It's hard to describe how exceptional the quality is, but this video gives a good insight into the phenomenal name tags we deliver.

Engraved name tag - super easy to order from Don Lorino!

Ordering a personally engraved name tag for your dog is easy with us. We have a unique preview that shows you exactly how your tile will look before you place your order - you can choose between uppercase, lowercase or your own style.

How to order an engraved name tag:

  1. Find the name tag you want among our range of over 1000 options. Use the categories and filters to narrow down your selection.
  2. All trays are available in Small, Medium and Large sizes. Small fits small dogs/cats, Medium medium-sized dogs and Large larger dog breeds.
  3. Click on the product page for your chosen tile.
  4. In the previewer, you see the back of the tile and field where you enter the engraving text. The number of fields varies depending on the shape and size of the tile.
  5. Place the cursor in a field and start typing - the text appears directly on the tile in the preview viewer.
  6. Complete your text and double check that everything is correct - phone number, name and information are spelled correctly.
  7. When you are satisfied, click "Add to cart".
  8. Clear! Pay for your name badge at checkout and have it delivered to your home within 4-10 working days.