Click or Petit?

When choosing a collar, harness or leash from Don Lorino's range, the size of your dog is decisive for which you should choose - Click or Petit.

The Click series is the obvious choice for normal-sized to larger dog breeds. These robust products in durable materials are available as collars, harnesses and leashes and can handle dogs of all ages and weights.

The Petit series is specially adapted for smaller breeds such as Chihuahua, Papillon etc as well as for puppies. The soft and adjustable materials make them both safe and comfortable for the smallest dogs.

If you have a small to medium-sized dog, you can easily combine the Click collar or harness with the Petitkoppel, provided that the dog is not too heavy (max. 10 kg recommended). However, Clickkoppel is not recommended in combination with Petithalsband/harness.

No matter which series you choose, you get durable, stylish, high-quality products from Don Lorino. Consider your dog's size and weight - and it will be both safe and comfortable for your four-legged friend!