Give your cat a personalized cat collar with name

For many cat owners, their cat is an important member of the family. As with dogs, there are many benefits to having your cat wear a collar with a name tag. At Don Lorino, the e-retailer for dog and cat accessories, you will find a wide range of durable and stylish cat collars where you can have your cat's name engraved on a name tag.

Why should my cat have a name collar?

A collar with name and contact details can be life-changing if your cat goes missing. If someone finds your stray cat, they can quickly identify that it has an owner and contact you.

The selection at Don Lorino

At Don Lorino there are lots of different models of cat collars in leather, nylon, reflective material and more. Choose from a variety of buckles and adjustment options for a perfect fit. You can have your cat's name engraved on a small tag that attaches to the collar. Please also write your phone number on the tray.

For the most individualized look, you can choose from hundreds of different colors and embellishments. Do you want a plain or striped collar in your cat's favorite color? A necklace with a name tag in the shape of a fish or mouse? At Don Lorino you can create the perfect collar for your cat.

Safe and durable necklaces

All cat collars from Don Lorino are manufactured in high quality for maximum safety and durability. They have a buckle that opens with a light push so that the necklace comes loose if it gets stuck. In this way, the risk of the cat being injured or strangled is avoided.

Give your cat a personal look and increase security with a stylish cat collar from Don Lorino!