Durable leather leashes


Beautiful leather leash

At Don Lorino you will find leather leashes for all occasions. Leather leashes are a product owned by almost every dog ​​owner, thanks to the fact that it is such a flexible and versatile product that suits most occasions. We offer a wide range of leather leashes, with different leather widths, lengths and colours. The hope is to offer a wide range of products that combine quality, design, durability and functionality. Everything to make the dog walk as wonderful as possible.

Durable leather leashes

Leather has long been considered a very durable material that also provides a pleasant user experience. Because leather is such a durable material, it will have a very good durability over time, and often becomes finer the more it is used. A soft and supple leather leash also fits most dog collars and harnesses, making it easily a favorite with many dog ​​owners. A solid brass buckle makes the leash both easy to take off and on, while being durable.

Materials and functionality

A leash is used daily by the vast majority of dog owners. Soft and flexible leather is soft to hold in the hand and also provides a pleasant weight. Depending on the width and length of the leather leash, the weight varies, which is also good for adapting to the dog's size. Often people prefer to use a tighter leather leash for a smaller dog, while at the same time they would like to have a wider leash for a larger dog. Our wish is that you find the leash that suits you and your dog, so that you can have many lovely dog ​​walks together.