Dog collar & dog leash


Dog collar & dog leash

At Don Lorino you will find luxurious dog collars and dog leashes in a modern design in many different colors, models and sizes. We offer a wide range of leather necklaces as well as various vegan options. Our hope is to develop products that combine design, quality, durability, functionality and fit in the best possible way. Everything for you to find the best for you and your dog, which makes the dog walk a pure pleasure.

Sustainable products

Our dog collars and dog leashes are made of materials that have been carefully selected to both give your dog soft and comfortable products and to make them last for a long time to come. We develop them in close collaboration with some of the world's leading factories and in this way we can always take part in the latest methods. With a heart for dogs, we constantly work to develop new and better products, because we want to provide the best conditions for you and your dog.

Design and functionality

A dog collar is the product that your dog wears several times a day and therefore it is important that it both fits it well and is suitable for how the dog is used. For example, a colorful textile necklace can be perfect on a sunny summer day, while one made of genuine leather is better suited to a rainy autumn day.

Our products are manufactured to combine both design and functionality in the best way. We have done this by developing products that both have a stylish design and flexible functional details that make everyday life easier. Discover all the practical details and smart solutions among our wide range of dog collars and dog leashes.