Leather dog collar


Leather dog collar

Dog collars can consist of many different materials, but leather dog collars are the most frequently requested from us. It has a combination of characteristics such as being both elegant and decorative as well as durable and easy to use. A dog collar is something your dog wears almost every day. Therefore, it is often worth spending some time when choosing both the type of dog collar and model. The most important thing is that it fits your dog, so that he both feels comfortable and thrives in his collar. We currently offer leather dog collars with a traditional buckle, in various colors, widths and sizes.

Find the right model

A leather dog collar has several functions; it allows you to connect the dog to you when you're out for a walk and also attach a tag with a phone number that allows the dog to get to you in case of an accident.

Don Lorino offers a wide range of leather dog collars in several different designs, enabling you to find both the right model and size for your dog. We have a consistent focus on quality, where we strive to offer the highest quality at a good price. We have a consistent focus on sustainable development, where we provide both a vegan product line and a leather line made from vegetable tanned leather.

How do I choose the right leather dog collar?

  • The most important thing when choosing the right necklace is that the size is right. The easiest way is to measure the circumference of your dog's neck. Place one or two fingers underneath so that the measuring tape is not too tight.
  • On which occasions should necklaces be mainly used? We recommend choosing a dog collar that suits your everyday life. A leather collar has many advantages, as it is often the most comfortable for your dog to wear during long walks. Because leather is both wear-resistant and can easily be washed off if it gets dirty, it is easy to care for. Certain decorative stitches can be sensitive to external stress.
  • If you have a puppy, we have lighter models that make it easier for your dog to carry. Flexible tension range means that the collar can be tightened as the dog grows.