Dog food bowls


Dog food bowls

At Don Lorino there is a wide range of elegant and luxurious dog food bowls, in different sizes and looks. We offer a wide range of dog food bowls in different colors and with different stands, in both bamboo and metal to find a design that matches the home. Our hope is to develop products that are both stylish and stylish and at the same time combine durability and functionality at the same time. All so that you can find what suits you and your dog best, which makes every meal of food a highlight.

Sustainable materials

Our dog food bowls are made of durable materials, where, among other things, the stands for some models of the dog bowls are made of Bamboo. It is one of the world's fastest-growing plants, which can grow up to 91 cm per day. It does this with minimal access to water. Thus, it is an environmentally friendly material to use for tripods.

The ceramics in the dog food bowls are of high quality and are heated to high temperatures after dyeing according to the most modern manufacturing methods. This is so that the bowl will last for a long time to come. Serving food and water in ceramic bowls is the best option, as ceramic does not undergo a chemical reaction with the contents, as other materials can. This means that the bowls can be used for a long time to come.

Design and functionality

The dog gets food several times a day and therefore it is important that the dog food bowl is designed to suit your dog in the best way. They are available in two sizes; small (ø13 cm, height 5 cm) and medium (ø15.5 cm, height 7 cm), which makes it suitable for both small and medium-sized dogs. All models come with an elegant stand, which is both a stylish interior detail, but which also raises the bowl a few centimeters to give the dog a comfortable angle to eat from.

Our products focus on combining both design and functionality in the best way. Discover all the practical details and smart solutions among our wide range of dog food bowls.