Name tag with engraving


Name tag with engraving

Having a name tag with engraving on the dog's collar or harness is both stylish and practical. It is a nice charm to have for the dog and is available in a variety of models, sizes and designs. A name tag is also cheap and easy insurance if your dog or puppy gets lost. At Don Lorino you will find models both in stainless steel, brass and with Swarovski crystals. All models are available in three sizes, S, M and L, to suit your dog's size. Engraving with a maximum of two lines is included on all name tags, with free shipping.

Wide range of models

We cooperate with a factory in Switzerland that engraves the name tags. Through this collaboration, we can offer a wide range of different models, colors and sizes. To reduce transport distances, the name tags will be sent separately from any other order.

We offer a lifetime warranty on the engraving for all stainless steel models.

How do I choose the right name tag?

The most important thing when choosing the right name tag is to choose a model that you like and a size that is well suited to your dog.

  • Choose a model you like, in a color that matches the metal color of the dog collar.
  • What size fits your dog? Feel free to look at the size chart and recommendations on each individual name tag.
  • The stainless steel and brass models are slimmer, compared to the Swarovski crystal model which is made on a thicker metal tray.
  • Engrave both your dog's name and phone number.