Reflective collar for dogs


Reflective collar for dogs

Walking the dog during autumn and winter in Sweden is often at dusk or in the dark. This means that pedestrians and dogs are less visible to motorists and other pedestrians, which makes it important to make yourself more visible. Reflex on both dogs and dog owners is then often used, because it reflects the light from, for example, the car's headlights, which means that the team is visible from a greater distance. Reflective collars have, until now, had a boring design that served one purpose - to increase visibility.

We at Don Lorino wanted to combine the safety benefits of reflective collars with classic elegance and launched these collars. They look like an ordinary necklace in daylight, but in spotlights they change character and due to their reflective properties they become visible from a greater distance.

Reflex at night

The dog collars that look like ordinary collars during the day change into reflective collars when spotlights reach its surface. This makes the dog collar the perfect collar for the winter season.

Using reflectors is a cheap life insurance and already at dusk the visibility deteriorates noticeably. The larger the reflective surface, the better you can see and it gets dark quickly.

The perfect dog collar for rain and debris

A reflective collar is a dog collar that your dog will wear several times a day, during the winter months, to be extra visible to motorists and other road users. Take the opportunity to find a reflective necklace that is both stylish and elegant, while also fulfilling a good function.

An easy-to-clean surface, along with a dirt- and water-repellent neoprene interior make this the perfect dog collar for rain and debris. Discover all the practical details and smart solutions among our wide range of dog collars and dog leashes.