Choose the right dog collar


Finding the right collar for your dog can sometimes be difficult. Through this guide, we hope to be able to guide you to find the dog collar that suits you and your dog absolutely best. Don Lorino today offers several different models of dog collars, made in different materials, different constructions and in different sizes.

The dog collar has several functions; it allows you to connect the dog to you when you are out for a walk, and you can also attach a tag with a phone number that allows the dog to get help if an accident occurs.

Don Lorino offers a wide range of dog collars in several different designs, which enables you to find both the right model and size for your dog. We have a consistent focus on quality, where we strive to offer the highest quality at a good price. We have a consistent focus on sustainable development, where we provide both a vegan product line and a leather line made from vegetable tanned leather.


All models of dog collars have several smart details that should make the collars both stylish and easy to use. Many models of the collars have quick-release buckles, which make it easy to put on and take off if the dog is excited. The discreet clasp also makes the necklace's other details stand out more clearly.


Our vegan product line consists of different collections, both Click, Joy, Kit and Fay, which are made in different materials. The Click collection is a collection of dog collars, harnesses, leashes and bowties with quick-release buckles, made from organic waxed cotton. It is a unique lightweight material that is non-allergenic, maintains its fit and has antibacterial properties. It is a durable material that keeps its fit, does not stretch out and is naturally dirt-repellent. Joy, Kit and Fay are three collections of necklaces made of soft and exclusive PU leather, which means that the necklaces are both light in weight and do not attract water or dirt. It is easily cleaned with lukewarm water if it gets dirty. All models are available in a wide range of both colors and sizes.


All collars have a flexible area so that the size can be adjusted to your dog in the best way. The amount of opportunity to set varies slightly between the different models and exact size ranges can be found on each product page. You can easily find out your dog's collar size by measuring the circumference of the neck and then choosing the size that fits best.
If you are not sure which size fits best, or if you have other questions, we will be happy to help you!